2D Animation Grabs Your User’s Attention

No one has ever made it big by sticking with trends. The beautiful thing about 2D Animation in the style of the greats is that it catches the eye. Eric Schmidt of Google said that all of the information created in the history of mankind is duplicated every two days online. He also called it a “cesspool of information”.

With that much noise out there, you have to standout and 2D is the way to do it. From simple 2D illustrations for branding and information to professional quality commercials designed for your target market, Mudbrick Studios can help you reach the exact target audience you want, stand out, and draw them in.

What is 2D?

2D animation can mean a lot of different things but basically we generally work in two different categories

Frame By Frame Animation

Contemporary Animation

Why choose Mudbrick?

Classic style and training. Everyone loves the animation heroes of old. Our staff has ties to the nine old men, those trained by the great Walt Disney himself. With that level of education, dedication, and training in 2D animation, you can rest assured that you are getting the very traits and attributes of those classic films we all love in your 2D Animation project.

2D Animation That Speaks to Your Audience

You need help, and we can help you. Leveraging Mudbrick Animations classically trained professional animators to help showcase your product, service, or idea is a great way to grab the attention of your audience and push them toward a singular action: converting.
Contact us for a no pressure analysis and find out how we can help you today.