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Explainer videos are proven to help conversions. Regardless of your business model (information, eCommerce, Lead Generation, etc) you cannot go wrong with an explainer video that is done right. The problem: most wannabe animators buy software that generates the same standard videos in an unoriginal way. With Mudbrick Studios, you get a custom made explainer video designed for your audience promoting your product or service and the guidance to ensure it is as successful as possible.

  • Higher Conversions
  • Lower Bounce Rates
  • Clear Effective Communication

Recognizing Good Animation

What Kind of Animation Do You Do?

By now you understand the value of animation especially when explaining your product or services to your customers. Consider the fact that our brains process images 60,000x faster than text. With that level of comprehension boosts in a side of our brain that controls over half of our processing power, conversions are bound to go up. That is why Mudbrick Studios works in several different styles to ensure that your target demographics get the visuals that work best for them.

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Why Use Explainer Videos?

Higher Conversions

Up To
Higher Search Engine Ranking

Lower Bounce Rates

The Styles Of Animation

94% of visitors to your site will never read a word. 50%+ will click on a video. The statistics don’t lie, and neither does the human condition. Grab attention fast with explainer videos that are designed to improve conversions and drive sales to your business.

Mudbrick Studios can help you. Get explainer videos for your startup or enterprise business today.

Why Choose Us for Your Animation Studio?

Mudbrick cares about you. We want you to succeed, no matter what it takes. So we dedicate ourselves to discovering who you are, what you are striving for, where you want to be, and what your next steps are for your business. In order to help you get where you want to be, we have to understand those fundamental principles. Business growth today only helps you get where you are today. Proper business growth means understanding where you want to be to walk you down the path to proper success.

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